Hydrogen Milk Run

Feasibility study into the delivery of hydrogen to company sites

How do you arrange the delivery of green hydrogen for one or more hydrogen vehicles to your company site without having to install your own hydrogen pumping station? A potential solution: a mobile hydrogen tank truck that makes a daily round to several companies to deliver hydrogen. This enables you to share the costs and gradually develop towards a mature market. HyMatters has developed this so-called ‘milk run’ concept, taking into account finance, technology, and legislation and regulations.

The requirements of the Hydrogen Consortium (see below) were used as a starting point. Within the context of the safety, legislation and regulations, technology and finance aspects, various alternatives have been developed which can be implemented with a view to the present-day and future demand for hydrogen. The daily delivery of 30 kilograms of hydrogen has proven to be technically feasible with a van or small truck. This allows for the launch of the on-site delivery of hydrogen in order to accelerate the use of hydrogen in the region as far as the logistics is concerned. There has been an active collaboration with De Vallei (an agency that provides environmental services) in order to determine which legislation and regulations are required. It is possible to contact us for more information about the results.

Hydrogen Consortium

Toyota Material Handling

Bosch Beton


Veth Automotive

ACV Groep


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