Why Hydrogen?

We are in the middle of an energy transition, moving away from fossil fuels towards a system depending on renewable energy sources. The amount of produced solar and wind energy increases steadily.

The moment solar and wind energy is generated rarely matches the moment of our energy demands. Here, hydrogen can play a significant role as sustainable link between energy supply and demand.

Hydrogen is the cheapest solution to store large amounts of energy over long periods of time, such as seasonal storage.

As an energy carrier, hydrogen can deliver energy fast, and at a moment’s notice for a wide array of purposes.

With energy generated in a sustainable manner, hydrogen enables a fully circular and stable energy supply. The only byproduct in these conversions is water.

Hydrogen element in periodic table
Block diagram fuel cell stack and converter with green hydrogen
Why HyMatters?

HyMatters has the expertise and experience to help your organization when your energy transition involve hydrogen.

Tailor-made solution
HyMatters offers technical, tailored solutions for your specific situation, taking your location, your current and your future energy use into account.

HyMatters helps realizing future-proof and profitable projects.

Mission and Vision Statement

The emergence of sustainable energy sources emphasizes the need for energy storage. Only with sustainable storage we can complete our transition towards a 100% renewable energy system. Green hydrogen has this potential, but not without challenges. HyMatters addresses these challenges.

Converting our energy system and our mobility infrastructure into sustainable services is vital for our society. But it requires knowledge and overview to create truly sustainable solutions. Hydrogen is essential in these solutions. And HyMatters wants to make a contribution there. By realizing a green hydrogen market. From locally generated renewable energy, for local applications. Green hydrogen, in the right place, at the right time.

Vision and mission statement HyMatters