About us
Jerom Janssen MA
CEO, Co-founder

A creative visionary, who enjoys finding optimal solutions for and with all stakeholders. With a firm background in information science, computational linguistics, statistics and data science.

dr. Edwin Tazelaar
CTO, Co-founder

Specialist in hydrogen technology, energy systems and control systems. With roots in both industry and education. Driven to make our society more sustainable.

Dick Breteler MSc
COO, Co-founder

Technical expert in energy infrastructure, modelling and asset management. With roots in agriculture, aware of realistic solutions and driven to innovate our energy system.

Daniël Semerel BSc
Development Engineer

R&D engineer with a passion for renewable energy. With over 12 years of experience in solar & high pressure hydrogen research & development. Motivated to better govern the earth we live on, by addressing the current environmental concerns and solve them by applying technological advancements in renewable energy development.

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